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Condominiums and townhouses do not need as much insurance as your average house. When you live in a condominium, you need coverage that is tailored to protect your personal property while still providing you with liability coverage. 

There are special policies for condominium owners, like form HO-6. This coverage provides condominium owners with liability and personal property protection, ensuring that they will be safe in the event that a disaster strikes.

Make Sure Your Condo Is Protected All Year Round with the Proper Insurance Policy
When you own a condominium, you need to insure your personal possessions along with your cabinets, appliances, shelves, and fixtures. You will also need liability coverage that covers injuries or damage to people or property that you own or are liable for.

Top Four Questions to Consider When Choosing a Condominium Insurance Policy
What is expected of you, as an owner, in regards to your insurance responsibilities that are outlined in the condo association’s Master Deed?

Most associations put together a master insurance policy that covers you if there’s any structural damage to the condominiums or common areas like swimming pools and tennis courts. These common areas are owned by all condo unit owners. Depending on what your master insurance policy says, depends on where your unit starts. In some cases, the unit may start in the wallboard. In other cases, the wallboard could be considered a part of your unit.

Is Broad Water damage included in your insurance policy for issues like sewer and drain backups?

Does your condo association offer condo owners who do not have adequate coverage blanket coverage or comprehensive coverage?

Do you need additional personal property coverage for expensive items like jewelry or furs?

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