Renters Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you don’t own your home, your personal belongings can still be lost to fires, theft, and even lawsuits. 

Renters are not insured like homeowners are when it comes to things like theft and flooding. Unfortunately, most people do not require renters to purchase insurance, so many people go without it. However, renters insurance is imperative. If your rental home burns to the ground or valuable items are stolen, you’ll have to replace your items with your own hard-earned money. Renters insurance, though not required, is an absolute necessity for any renter.

Renters Insurance Will Handle Those Unexpected Expenses
Renters insurance doesn’t just protect your personal items; it also provides you with temporary housing and liability protection. This includes medical expenses for anyone on your property, or to pay for a lawyer if you’re ever sued by someone that was unintentionally injured by you. If the apartment ceiling is damaged by a storm, your landlord has to fix it. But what happens to your new TVs and stereo that now has water damage? Where will you live while the ceiling is being repaired? If you’re like the majority of citizens in the United States, you don’t have unlimited funds to handle unexpected issues. Renters insurance will cover it for you.

Find the Best Fit for You
Renters insurance is designed to help you pay for repairs and replacements of your personal property when it’s been damaged, stolen, or destroyed. It also covers most claims or lawsuits against you in the event that you’re responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property. Give us a call now to find out how affordable renters will be for you.

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