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It’s common for RV owners to insure their RV under whatever current auto policy they have. Unfortunately, if you take the time to read your auto policy, you’ll see how little is actually covered. 

RV’s covered under auto policies almost never receive the adequate coverage that’s needed. RV owners also frequently misunderstand that their personal belongings in their RV will be covered under their homeowner’s policy. This is partially true, but still limited. When the property is kept somewhere other than the residence premises, personal belongings are not covered.

If you want adequate coverage for your RV, you need to invest in a separate RV insurance policy that is specifically for RV’s. In most cases, RV insurance costs are minimal, especially when you add up how much money you’d spend if your RV was damaged or stolen without any insurance in place. Our team of professionals can help you find the right policy for you at a rate you can afford quickly.

Quick Tips before You Travel

  • Get a complete travel checkup before you leave – check belts, hoses, headlights, turn signals, and tires
  • Make sure the towing hitch, smoke alarms, and fire extinguisher are in working in
  • Inspect cooking vent for cleanliness to avoid any unexpected fires
  • Leave your trip plans/route with a trusted relative or friend
  • Go over emergency procedures with all your passengers
  • Remind passengers it’s safer inside the RV when there is lighting
  • Tell passengers it’s safer to find a tornado shelter or something similar if there’s a tornado
  • Never drive through deep water

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