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No matter how much you don’t want to think about the unthinkable happening, it can still happen. If your home is destroyed or damaged, homeowners insurance can help you rebuild or repair your home as well as replace your damaged possessions. 

Homeowner’s insurance is designed to protect you against losses you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. It also provides you with liability coverage to ensure you’re protected from financial ruin if someone has been injured on your property and wants to sue you for damages.

Know What’s Covered in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.
Homeowner’s insurance policies provide you with coverage for your dwelling and personal property. It will also include liability insurance that covers a death or injury on your property caused by you, your family, or pets in an accident. There are also several different types of additional insurance for your property that aren’t typically listed in your homeowner’s policy. This includes separate policies, like flood insurance. You can get this by purchasing a separate policy or by adding an endorsement to your policy

Tips for Reducing Your Homeowner’s Premiums and Keeping Your Home Safe:
Raise Your Deductible – This is how much money you pay out before the insurance begins to pay for your loss. Insurance is supposed to pay for any losses you cannot afford. Raising your deductible to a price point that’s within your budget can help lower your premium.

New Home – Homes that are 10 years or older may be eligible for new home discounts.

Make Your Home a Safer Place – If you have a burglar or fire alarm system, your home may be eligible for a discount.

Construction Material – You’ll pay lower premiums for having fire-resistant construction materials like brick or rock. Hail-resistant roofs may also lower your premium. Concrete tile

Construction Material – When you buy a home, look for fire-resistant construction, such as brick, masonry or rock. You may pay a lower premium for hail-resistant roofs.

Non-Smoker Discounts – If you do not smoke, you may also be eligible for a discount.

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