Earthquake Insurance

Many insurers offer earthquake coverage as a buy-back endorsement.

Seismic activity is not common in our area, but our region has four known fault zones. The New Madrid Seismic Zone runs through the southern tip of Illinois. The Wabash Valley Fault System is located in the southeastern edge of Illinois. The Sandwich Fault Zone is in northern Illinois, and the Plum River Fault Zone is in northwestern Illinois.

Minor tremors cause little or no damage. Stronger earthquakes (above 6.0 magnitude) can cause significant structural issues. Masonry and frame structures may suffer; walls may crack; chimneys may collapse; interior belongings may break.

Earthquake insurance is catastrophic coverage and it us most often offered as a buy-back endorsement. It has a large deductible, often 10 percent to 20 percent of the dwelling limit. Pricing depends on how close you live to a fault line, the value of your home, construction materials, and the earthquake deductible.

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