Health Insurance

Family health insurance or individual plans cover one family or person on one plan. While these policies may cost more than group policies, it’s still better than not having any health insurance coverage at all.

When you or a loved one falls sick unexpectedly, you need to know that the medical bills are covered. Unfortunately, without health insurance, an unexpected illness can catapult you into financial ruin.

Common Types of Managed Healthcare Plans Offered to Individuals Include:
HMO’s (Healthcare Maintenance Organizations)
PPRO’s (Preferred Provider Organizations)
POS’s (Point of Service Plan)

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Health Insurance Needs
All of these plans tend to come with different levels of deductibles and premiums within your allotted budget. It’s important for you or your family to determine what coverage, deductible, premium, and out of pocket expense will suit your needs and budget the best. Individual insurance requires extensive questioning about medical history. In some cases, they even require physical exam for you to qualify for coverage.

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